Global Peace Initiative

Global Peace—End of the Cold War

The methodology at the basis of the Global Peace Initiative has already had a tremendous impact on the world. For example, from 1987 to 1990, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi trained and assembled 7,000 Vedic Pandits in India to practice these advanced meditation techniques together on a daily basis.  This number represented the square root of 1% of the world’s population at that time.

The time leading up to this period was a time of great trouble and strife in many parts of the world. The Cold War had reached dangerous heights, over a million people had been killed in the Iran-Iraq war, Apartheid in South Africa had turned to a violent revolution, and terrorist attacks around the world were becoming commonplace.

People dancing on top of the Berlin Wall

From 1987-1990, during the years the Vedic Pandits were practicing the Vedic peace creating technologies of consciousness, the world experienced a remarkable transformation towards peace. The Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall came down, the Iran-Iraq war came to an end, South Africa began to move towards abolishing Apartheid and terrorist attackes subsided.

While it could be argued that these events can be traced to conditions existing prior to the formation of the Vedic Pandits group, the widespread onset of peaceful trends points to a connection between these advanced meditation programs and greater peace. The Transcendental Meditation group creates a wave of peaceful effect throughout the world and positively influences the creation of peace.

What was most striking about this dramatic transformation was its suddenness, which no one expected, and that it happened relatively peacefully. Even the leaders of the two superpowers were taken by surprise.

US President Ronald Reagan remarked when visiting Moscow for a summit in June 1988, “There is no way I really can explain how I came to be here. I never expected to be here” and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev stated, “The winds of the Cold War have changed to the winds of hope.”

US President Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev

During this period there were hundreds of press reports giving testament to the phenomenon of peace taking place around the world.

‘Oh what a Peaceful World’ (Cover Headline) The article stated, ’Peace, you might say, is breaking out all over…’
The Economist, 30 July 1988


‘History may call 1988 the year of peace.’
-The Christian Science Monitor, 25 August 1988


‘In trouble spots across the globe, some of the world’s bitterest enemies, exhausted by their wars, suddenly are suing for peace.’
Wall Street Journal, 29 July 1988


‘Unless something suddenly changes, this year will go down as the safest from state-sponsored terrorism in more than 20 years.’
Time, December 1987


‘1988 appears to be shaping up as the year that peace broke out…’
Reuters, 23 July 1988

Unfortunately, by 1990, the funding for the Vedic Pandits “global peace experiment’ had run out and the group could no longer be maintained.

The Global Peace Initiative is now dedicated to establishing an endowment fund so that 9,000 peace-creating experts can be maintained permanently in India. Once this is achieved, a pervasive and enduring peace will once again spread throughout the world. Back