Global Peace Initiative

Reducing School Violence

Whenever an individual begins to feel more peaceful, there’s an inevitable spillover to society at large. For an insular community like a school, the result can be dramatic

In recent years, students and teachers in schools around the world have learned  the Transcendental Meditation program. Upon integrating this program into the daily school routine of some students, benefits consistently appear in all areas of school life:

  • Attendance at class improves
  • School violence drops
  • The rate of students being suspended drops
  • Grades improve
  • Calmness and happiness increase
  • Standardized test scores improve

Jim Dierke, Principal of Visitaction Valley Middle School in San Francisco, describes the transformation of his school through the introduction of the Transcendental Meditation “Quiet Time” Program.

The student and teacher populations in these schools—like microcosms of society at large—have revealed the transformative effect of defusing individual and social stress. Like the schools, studies of larger urban and even national populations have shown that remarkable changes have occurred when only a few members of society practice the advanced meditation programs of the Global Peace Initiative.

As the size of the population grows, the relative number of participants needed to create a change decreases, due to the N2 effect (see Science Behind It). For cities or countries, the critical number of people needed to practice the advanced meditation together in a group is only the square root of 1% of the population. To bring a peaceful influence to the whole world requires a group of only 9,000 participants. Back

Students meditating