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A Field Effect of Consciousness

How is it possible that people meditating alone in their homes or offices, or together in a group, can influence other people across town, across the country or even around the world—who aren’t even meditating?

The Super Radiance Effect: Action at a Distance

  • Two corks are floating in a sink of water, eight inches apart. Push down one cork, release it, and the other cork bobs up and down.
  • Turn on the radio as you drive to the supermarket. A disc jockey is playing a song 50 miles away. The music fills your car.

These are two examples where one object can influence another object at a distance. In physics this phenomenon is called “action at a distance.”

How does it happen? Through the influence of waves traveling through an underlying field. Water links the two corks, and the electromagnetic field links the radio station and the car radio.

Increased EEG coherence

Just as a pebble dropped in water sends ripples throughout a pond, when individuals ‘transcend’ it generates waves of coherence throughout the entire field of consciousness, influencing everyone.

Connecting all matter in the universe are unseen, fundamental fields—the electromagnetic field, the gravitational field, and the fields of the weak and strong forces binding the center of the atom.

At their basis, according to unified quantum field theories, is the unified field, which creates and connects everything together in the universe—all fields, all matter, everything, everybody.

The Behavior of Fields

One interesting characteristic about the behavior of fields is the manner in which waves travel through them.

For example, consider the ordinary light radiating from your reading lamp. It is the product of innumerable light waves that are random and incoherent in their pattern. Take any 100 of these incoherent light waves and they produce the light of 100 separate waves. Because of being incoherent, the light from your lamp is bright enough for you to read the book in your lap, but not nearly bright enough, say, to reach the moon.

On the other hand, if those random light waves are made coherent so that the peaks and valleys of each wave are in step with each other, then the intensity of the light waves becomes far greater than when they function separately. Their intensity is proportional to the square of the actual number of waves. Take those 100 light waves again, make them function coherently together, and they will produce a light as bright as 10,000 incoherent light waves.

Coherent light is called laser light. It can be bounced off the moon, applied to conduct surgery, or used to play a laser disc recording. This phenomenon has been called the “superradiance effect.”

The Field Effects of Consciousness

How, then, can the peace and coherence created by a small number of people practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program together in one place affect a large population?

Scientists said it could happen only if consciousness, experienced in its pure state during Transcendental Meditation, is a field and only if it is the same unified field that underlies all of nature.

Scientists say that only a field can produce the influence of “action-at-a-distance,” and only the unified field would be able to account for the wide-ranging effects on society observed with the collective practice of Transcendental Meditation. Back