About Us – Our Team

Our Team

Our dedicated team at Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation coordinates an ongoing worldwide fundraising effort, and serves the donors, well-wishers and all interested in world peace, in a professional and caring manner.

Development Council

The council explores and opens new avenues for the Foundation and Trust to expand their fundraising worldwide, and establishes relations with major donors, institutional funders, foundations and various interest groups.

Members of the development council

Development Council

Ramani Ayer, PhD
Louise Ayer
Harris Kaplan, DSCI
César Molina, MD
Ravi Patel, MD
Naina Patel, MD
Neil Paterson, DSCI
Howard Settle, CPA, PhD
Alice Settle
Satinder Swaroop, MD
Maureen Wynne, JD
Robert G. Wynne, PhD

Members of the operational staff

Chief Executive Officer BSF & BST
Harris Kaplan,

Managing Director of the Ambassador Resource Office
Susie Swan,

Chief Financial Officer BSF & BST
Jeannie Rose,

Database Engineer
Terry Scarff,

Donor Support and Data Management
Helen Scarff,

Head – International Coordination
Katja Stolle,

International Fundraising
Beverly Merson,

Website Management and Fundraising
Jane Deans,

International Communication
Cornelia Jung,

Global Peace Initiative
Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation and Brahmananda Saraswati Trust

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