Permanent World Peace is Now PossibleA New Approach Verified by Scientific ResearchReducing Violence and ConflictEnlivening the Basis of Peace through Collective MeditationA New Profession of Peace Creating — Thousands Already Trained

Did you know that it is now possible to prevent wars and ensure peace in the world?

The Global Peace Initiative is implementing a scientifically validated approach to create and maintain world peace.

This is not a theory, but a practical methodology that has already been demonstrated to work and is now being applied on a global scale.

Fifty demonstration projects and 23 published studies have shown that this approach:

•   Decreases crime and other negative social trends

•   Reduces terrorism and war

•   Defuses ethnic, religious and political tensions

•   Increases international cooperation

If you love life and cherish peace, we invite you to learn more about this historic undertaking and play a part in creating a new history of peace for our global family. Click here to learn more.