The Project – Training Centers
At about the age 20 or 21, the students graduate as fully trained peace-creating experts—Maharishi Vedic Pandits—and join the main group at the campus in Central India.


The campus in the center of India currently has enough capacity for more than 2,200 Peace-creating experts. When complete, the campus will house up to 9,000 experts and will include over 2.9 million square feet of space in more than 1,900 buildings including:

  • 155+ Large residential units
  • 1,240+ Vedic recitation halls
  • 25+ Kitchens/dining halls
  • 1 Grand assembly hall
  • 5 Administrative offices and 480 staff housing units
  • Supporting Infrastructure

At the central campus, buildings are planned to be located in three separate sub-campuses.

  • Karaundi is the main sub-campus where all buildings have been built to date. When complete, this campus will house approximately 4,200 experts.
  • Bijauri is located to the southwest of the main Karaundi campus and will house up to 2,050 experts.
  • Akona is southeast of Karaundi campus and will house roughly 2,750 experts.

This central campus houses graduate Maharishi Vedic Pandits who took their training in one of 26 regional training centers located throughout India.

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